Functional Food Fridays: Raw Brownies

Today I’m kicking-off a weekly series about functional foods which I hope will include lots of new recipes on functional foods. I’m starting with this lovely and simple recipe from the Rawtarian, the raw brownie recipe.  These brownies are made with only SIX ingredients: dates, walnuts, raw cocoa, agave, sea salt, and coconut.

The recipe actually calls for pecans but I only had 1/2 cup of pecans in my cupboard so I added 1/2 cup of walnuts (packed with vitamin E, phenols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, omega-3 fats, and manganese). And the best part? No baking required! Just a quick refrigeration.

I really enjoyed these – they were quick and easy and I happened to have most of the ingredients on hand already (and I had an easy substitution when it came to my short supply of pecans). I made these in the late afternoon so they would be sufficiently refrigerated after dinner (and I could distract myself with the dinner making process in the meantime to keep me from drooling!). When it was finally time to dig in, the first bite was pleasant but surprising because they are not at all like a typical flour-type brownie. But by the second bite I was hooked. The nut and date mixture gave it the perfect chewiness and the sea salt gave the sweetness a lovely balance (I love salt in my sweets!). Check out the final product. Doesn’t it look delicious?
photo 4_v2
How about you? Have you tried baking or cooking any functional foods lately? Were you surprised by the outcome?

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