Two fresh workout ideas from my personal training session

As I was leaving the gym, a couple weeks ago, one of the gym staff members stopped me as I bounded down the stairs to head back to work. He stopped me because he noticed that since I’ve been back to the gym (I had to join as a new member since stopping membership during maternity leave), I hadn’t yet used my “free personal training session.” Well, sign me up! The next week, I found myself sweating a good sweat and feeling so alive in this quick training session. I’ve never been one to sign up for personal training sessions but I couldn’t pass up the chance to hit refresh on my tired routine. Among all of the incredible reminders, tips, and new info I got, here are two that are sticking with me.

1. Warm-ups don’t have to be boring. And don’t skip it! Do the inchworm!
I have been an athlete all my life and my seriousness to the lifestyle has ebbed and flowed. During the thick of high-school cross-country and track, warming up was second nature. As my workouts became less about training and short on time, warming up tended to get left out. The trainer reinforced the importance  and had me do these inchworms as a warm-up. After 5 forward and 5 backward, my entire body was WARM and I was out of breath!  I have been working this in more regularly, especially before interval runs.

Warm-Up: Inchworms

2. Squat-press for efficiency!
If you see me in the gym these days, it will most likely be on a cardio machine.  Pre-baby my workout routine were very rigid and usually included a clear division of stretching, cardio, and weight-lifting.  Now it’s just a down-and-dirty, in-and-out, make-me-sweat kind of mindset. I also had a clear division in lifting parts of the body – leg day, arm day, core day, etc.   The trainer reminded me that doing those exercises in isolation is fine but really it’s not efficient or realistic.  Can you imagine ever lifting an item in a perfectly isolated and contained bicep curl?  In reality, it’s more like squatting down, loading a few bags of groceries, engaging core, leg, and arm muscles to completely lift and carry those items to their destination! Ahh, yes, let’s get practical.

The squat press. This was my favorite and I have been incorporating it with a few other full-body lifting exercises after my runs.  My favorite thing about this is feeling my whole body working together actively to complete the reps.


Squat Press Step-by-Step

It is amazing what a free training session will do for our workout routines! Sometimes we just need to see someone do a new exercise or have someone coach us through a new exercise to make for an easy addition to our repertoire.  I can get so stuck in routine that having new ideas is such a breath of fresh air. I was so inspired that I got my husband his own personal training session (not free) at his gym for Father’s Day!  Can’t wait for him to get a punch of inspiration too. I told the trainers to make sure they really beat him up. 😉

Bonus: I came across this great YouTube fitness channel called BeFit with free workout videos uploaded daily.  I can’t wait to set aside some time to try this one.

What about you? Have you had any workout inspiration lately?  Any new exercises or equipment on your list of things to try?


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