Baby #2 is On The Way!


This sweet girl is going to be a big sister in June and we couldn’t feel more blessed! It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m still trying to get the hang of things here so forgive me. I’ll need a little grace along the way.  Some quick notes to recap the pregnancy so far.

Finding Out

Towards the middle of October, I realized that I was a few days late so I made sure to arm myself with a pregnancy test or two.  But since our wedding anniversary was just a few days away, I decided to wait and take the test the morning of our anniversary.  Our anniversary fell on a Tuesday and that morning I took the pregnancy test as soon as I woke up.  It was positive!! I taped it to an index card that said “Big Sister” and the due date and put it in a plastic bag (Mike is easily grossed out by such things) and put that bag in a gift bag.  Before we left for work, I told Mike I had a little anniversary gift for him and presented him with the gift bag. Let’s just say it was one amazing way to start the day.  We were on cloud nine all day and I don’t think it really sunk in until a few days later that we were going to be a family of 4!!

First Trimester (Weeks 0-13)

Exhaustion hit me much harder with this pregnancy than my first.  I chalk it up to the fact that I am chasing a toddler around – a non-existent activity during my first.  I did a lot of napping while she napped.  This was incredibly helpful and although I felt unproductive most days, it was so necessary.  It’s so easy to blow off the concept of how much energy our bodies need to grow a tiny person in those early days but it should not be underestimated.  Sleeping was so so good and I’m so thankful for a husband who didn’t mind that for a few hours every weekend, the house would come to a grinding halt while his girls had a snooze fest. Nausea also started early around week 5 (but no vomiting – so thankful for that) but it would hit hard usually around 4-5p everyday.  Keeping a steady stream of protein into my body seemed to help despite only wanting to eat carbs.  Can I just say that I love eating healthy but when I’m low on energy and feeling sick (i.e. first trimester) there is just nothing more comforting than the empty allure of carbs – waffles, saltines, goldfish, bagels, pop-tarts – not all at the same time but you get the idea. 😉  As for working out, I kept up my normal routine but just switched out running for the elliptical.  For some reason, when I run while pregnant, I get weird achy cramps under my rib cage.  Not sure what that’s about so we just do what’s comfortable.  And for the most part, I kept up my strength training too (making sure not to over-exert and keep weights on the lighter side).  And lastly, first-trimester cravings: salt bagels (oh the salt!) and arugula (the peppery bite – dressed in balsamic vinegar – had me coming back for more every day).

Second Trimester (Weeks 14-27)

I am smack dab in the middle of the second trimester and let me confirm what everyone already knows, it is pregnancy heaven! Sure, some days I feel more tired than usual.  Sure, I am extra emotional and want to lose my cool more than I care to admit.  But this is pure bliss, as far as pregnancy is concerned.  We shared the news with all the special people in our lives just as we entered this trimester. It was so joyful. There is something so maternal about showing off this growing bump – it’s grown out of the “too-many-doughnuts-belly” and is not yet the unwieldy, uncomfortable, ready-to-pop belly. Michaela certainly doesn’t seem to mind or let it get in her way as she snuggles up on my lap for books in the rocking chair before bed.  Maternity pants are now in full effect as well as my favorite pregnancy pillow.  We had our anatomy ultrasound on Valentine’s Day and received good news about the baby’s growth and development and on my health as well.  We made sure not the ultrasound tech didn’t spill the beans on the sex since we want to be surprised again.  Second trimester cravings are more salty than usual this time around (bacon, roasted & salted peanuts, salt & vinegar chips).  But still I am a sweets girl all the way.  l was recently muttering under my breath about how I randomly wanted taffy but that no one sells it in the winter. Well my sweet and thoughtful husband must have made a mental note because he had authentic New Jersey (our home state!) salt-water taffy shipped to our house to give to me for Valentine’s Day – what a guy!  My workouts have been regular and I have been trying to do more at home too – including prenatal yoga (this DVD) and a little prenatal aerobics (this online video).  I’ve also started practicing my Bradley exercises (committed to memory from first pregnancy!).  I think I’ll keep nutrition to a separate post since there is so much to say there (despite the bacon and taffy, there is actual nutrition in my diet, thankfully!).  I’ve also started going to my chiropractor since I’ve been having moderate low back pain. Turns out my pelvic bone was way out of alignment so we are working to get that adjusted.  Carrying a toddler on one hip can doesn’t do me any favors.  Hopefully the chiro adjustments help to more evenly distribute the weight and keep things balanced. Other than that, I’m looking forward to savoring the second half of this pregnancy honeymoon!

And finally, here is a picture of the bump on Superbowl Sunday (somewhere around 19/20 weeks).


And one more of our sweet girl preparing to be a big sister.  She got this stroller (which she sometimes calls a “car” when she’s in a rush) as a little Valentine’s gift from mom & dad and she hasn’t put it down since!




And this eternal winter we’re having? I can’t say I am minding as I’m not looking forward to being pregnant in the heat! 

Any other pregnant mamas out there?  Any tips or tricks you’ve found for a smooth pregnancy?


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