Mexican Enchiladas: A Dinner Plus Freezer Meal

Last night I made Mexican Enchiladas from the Weelicious “One Family, One Meal” cookbook. I borrowed the book from the library this week and so far, I’m loving it. It has great ideas for tasty recipes – ones that are healthy, but not too involved or requiring rare ingredients I don’t have at home.

When I flipped to the recipe for Mexican Enchiladas, I knew immediately I needed to make it the next day. It called for shredded chicken which was perfect since I had some leftover grilled chicken hanging out in the fridge. Also, the author suggested it’s a great one to double and freeze the surplus. Right up my alley as I prepare to go back to work and wonder how we will manage to get dinner on the table half the week (now accepting all easy-to-implement tips…).

So I ran to the store to purchase a few ingredients. Below is a run down of the ingredients and what they cost at my local market:

Yellow onion: $1
Red bell pepper: $2 (only because I chose organic for this)
Garlic: $0.50
Chicken: $7
Frozen Corn: $2
Shredded cheese, mexican blend: $3
Enchilada Sauce: $3
Flour Tortillas: $3

Things I keep in my pantry: $0
olive oil
kosher salt
ground cumin

Total Cost: $21.50 (serves 3-4, $6/person)

The Results
This recipe was simple and straightforward to make. To shred the chicken (something not described in the instructions), I chopped up the grilled chicken I had in my refrigerator and threw it in the food processor. It was a bit smaller than shredded, per se, but it worked great with the recipe. My 2 1/2 year old thought the enchilada sauce was too spicy so I ended up just giving her the filling (which didn’t touch the sauce) and mixing it with some rice for her. She gobbled that up which is a big win in my book because it was filled with vegetables and protein! My husband, the guy who typically orders enchiladas at the mexican restaurant on date night (so he knows a thing or two about good enchiladas), gave it 2 thumbs up, even going back for seconds!

When a recipe can make Dad & Toddler happy, this Mom calls it a success! Oh and bonus – I have a batch in the freezer for the end of the month when I head back to work!

This was my first time making (&eating – eek! is that a chef faux pas?) enchiladas. What I didn’t realize is that not every enchilada recipe has vegetables in the filling so the recipe got more bonus points from me when I found this out! Having the vegetables was a big draw for me — the bell pepper and corn gave it a great crunch and punch of nutrition.

Next up, inspired by this mama, I’d like to try these ranch chicken enchiladas to see if they might entice Michaela with the milder but still tasty flavors.

Have you made enchiladas for the whole family before? If so, which versions were a hit? Did you make extra batches for the freezer?


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