Our Halloween Candy Solutions

“I’m two and a HALF!” she says.

Last week, at 2 1/2 years old, we took our daughter trick or treating for the first time! She could not have been a happier Minnie Mouse, walking from house to house with her 2 1/2 year old little friend, knocking on doors. And jumping in leaf piles, of course.


Little legs can only walk so far so we decided to only visit about 10 houses. But when each house gave out 2-3 pieces of candy, well, she ended up with a pretty full bucket and the dilemma set in for Husband and I….what to do with all that candy?




Here are a few ideas we came up with (we went with #1 this year and it was a big success).

1. Invite the Switch Witch – The Switch Witch poem as described in <a href=”http://www.natural.bm/kids/susie-switch/”>this poem </a> is a good witch that visits children’s homes on Halloween night and while the children sleep, she takes (not steals, she is an invited guest) the candy that the children leave for her while leaving a toy in its place. Husband and I both loved this idea and think that this age is perfect for a fairy-tales, with all their wonder and awe. After dinner on Halloween night, we let her choose a treat to eat (naturally, a lollipop) and then shared with her the poem. She was very excited about the “fitch witch” and was very curious, asking me questions throughout bath time. Then it was time to choose her candy. We let her keep seven pieces, placed carefully in a pumpkin bag that was protected by mom & dad (“fitch witch not get this, ok mommy?”) and the rest of her loot was in her bucket on a little table in her room. She made sure to tell me that she would prefer if Susie did not take her festive bucket, please. And then proceeded to hide under the covers because “don’t want her to pinch!” I gently reminded her that Susie is a friendly witch. She slept so soundly and in the morning was delighted to find that Susie left her bucket (!) and a dress-up pair of Minnie Mouse light-up high heels! And she doesn’t miss the candy a bit with the seven pieces she set aside to enjoy during the week. It was the perfect extra touch to make Halloween extra special. [Warning: I can imagine this might go over differently depending on the child’s disposition so be sure to ask the child first if they would like to invite Susie or not – no use scaring them, otherwise!]

2. Donate it – This can be a great lesson on giving for children of all ages. There are many national and local initiatives that work to collect and distribute donated candy to less fortunate children and troops. Some places to look into include your church/temple/place of worship, <a href=”https://www.operationgratitude.com/halloween-candy-buy-back-2012/”>Operation Gratitude</a>, <a href=”https://operationshoebox.com/how-you-can-help/candy-donations/”>Operation Shoebox</a>, and Ronald McDonald houses.

3. Bake – The amount of sugar and chocolate can just be overwhelming when it is sitting a big bucket all together. But diluted with some good wholesome ingredients, can still be enjoyed without the feeling of overindulgence. Some fun ideas include these <a href=”http://abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/recipes/candy-bag-banana-treats-clinton-kelly”>candy bag banana treats </a>(maybe substitute the chocolate chips with carob to make it a little healthier), <a href=”http://cookiesandcups.com/snickers-popcorn/”>snickers popcorn</a>. Or toss those extra skittles, M&Ms, and candy corn with some nuts & dried fruit for a festive trail mix.

4. Host an Adult Wine & Candy Pairing Event – I love the idea of adults mixing their youth with their maturity and what says that better than Halloween candy & wine?

Cheers to a happily-ever-after Halloween!


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