Princess Snack Mix Recipe

It was family movie night and she had decided on Tangled – the Disney movie about the princess Rapunzel. She loves the storybook version of her long hair (and often remarks about how her own hair is short) and enjoys the mostly upbeat story line with very few scary parts (a requirement for movie picking these days).

We had been talking about it all week. Friday would be movie night! The excitement was building. Each day we’d talk about ways we would make it special — getting into jammies, pulling pillows and blankets into the living room, and making a special treat to eat on the couch.

After tossing around a few ideas, we settled on what we called a Princess Snack Mix. A perfect mix of sweet & salty, it would consist of rice chex, pretzel sticks, and white popcorn drizzled with white chocolate. It was delicious! And half the fun was making it together with both of them on the Learning Tower taking turns scooping and pouring and drizzling. Oh and snagging lots of tastes along the way!

The recipe is below. The only thing that made our snack particularly “princessy” was that we dyed half of the white chocolate purple and half yellow to match the color themes of our particular princess movie. For Frozen you could do blue & white, Cinderella could be blue and yellow, etc.

Here’s to many happy family movie nights!

Princess Sweet & Salty Snack Mix


  • rice chex, 2 cu.
  • pretzel sticks, 2 cu.
  • popcorn, 2 cu (I air pop 1/3 cu popcorn kernels which makes plenty)
  • white chocolate candies/chips, 12 oz bag


  1. Spread each of the dry ingredients on a foil-lined baking sheet and toss to mix
  2. Pour melted white chocolate chips over mixture and stir to coat
  3. Let harden for about 20 minutes before serving

Recipe adapted from here:


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