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About Me
Welcome! My name is Nicole and I’m so happy you’re here!  This is a creative little space to explore feeding our families well.  Some days that might mean sustainably or naturally or organically but most days it is just the best way we know how, in that moment.  I’m a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant,  wife,  and mama to one sweet pea.  Some things I love: almond butter, arugula, bagels, baking, bullet point lists on post-it notes, Komodo Dragon coffee by Starbucks, inspirational quotes, date nights (with and without our little one!),  and sunlight streaming in my kitchen window.   By day, I am a health researcher and oftentimes bring my penchant for hypothesis-testing and experimentation wherever I go, including here.  Because I think that is what this life is all about, testing ideas to see what works, what doesn’t (everyone is different), and refining the results to optimize and make it stick.

About the Blog
This blog is an exploration of nutrition and well-being through pregnancy, breastfeeding, and young family life.  After giving birth to my daughter in 2012, I became more and more enchanted with the incredible process my body had for nourishing her through breast milk.   Now that she is 1 year, we have started the weaning process but she loves having her milk on tap. Meanwhile, I struggled to keep healthy foods in my body and on the dinner table with any sort of frequency (am I alone here, new mamas?).  But let it be known, I could always muster the energy up to bake a good cake!

As the days passed on, I just couldn’t help but wonder the strength of the connection between what I was feeding my body and the nutrition that was being passed to my growing child (similar to pregnancy) through breastmilk.  She was thriving but I found my body craving more.  With dry skin and low energy, I couldn’t help but wonder what part of this was just postpartum recalibration and what parts actually needed my attention to fix.  With lots of experimentation in the kitchen, in our family’s routines, and in my mind, this space was born to share what I’m learning and most importantly, learn from you! I came to rely so much on my favorite bloggers and their readers during my first year of motherhood when I didn’t know where to turn and decided that it is time to to give back in gratitude for all that I have received.  I can’t promise anything meaningful, but even if it is wholly meaningless, I hope it can be powerfully meaningless.

“…having faith that when you enjoy yourself, when you do things that move you, something opens inside. There is peace in that place. There is happiness. There is deep satisfaction.”

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me by using the form below or by commenting on a post.


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