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Mother’s Day Links


My husband says he doesn’t need a distinct day to feel honored or showered with love. Every day for him is about this (wee yah! we are doing our job!) and finding the small joys of parenting in every moment. For the most part I agree, but there is something so beautiful about a day when all mothers around the country are celebrated and we are given a moment in time to remember all the mothers who have come before and all the mothers who inspire and all the mothers who we don’t know but are raising children who will be in our children’s generation. For me it is a day of unity and also one to pause in the midst of the chaos to fill up my heart in gratitude for this job I get to do.

  1. I am so in love with this documentary-like video, titled Working Mom. I often think how lovely my days would look if some jaunty music was piped over the mundane routine of my days with little ones. the exhaustion might be more poetic. the meltdowns might be more lyrical. this is basically the equivalent some how. there is no music but the way it is shot is magical for me who is in the very same stage of motherhood as the mother featured. and this towards the end: “happiness is love. full stop.” i love how this mother loves her children.
  2. Have you discovered Dr. Shefali, author of The Conscious Parent? She is brilliant and her message is revolutionary, which is — it is not the child that must be raised but that parent that must evolve. She releases the archaic notion of parenting as a hierarchical relationship and instead describes it as a relationship of mutual learning and understanding, entering into communion with our children by re-discovering our very own essence.  If you have 20 minutes, this is a must watch talk from Oprah’s Super Soul Session Series. “We want nothing more than to feel the deepest connection within ourselves and with others. To touch upon the wonder and abundance that we know is our sovereign right. To rediscover who we once were. To reclaim the purpose for why we were born,” she says.
  3. And finally, this beautiful read from Glennon and my favorite part: “And we will always remember that the most world-changing work we can do is this: We can live in a way so that our children will be able to say, ‘Not one moment of my life did I wonder if I was adored. Never, ever did I feel alone.’ And they will pass it on.

And they will pass it on.

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Link Love: Cheers to 2013


Hey there! It has been a while since I stopped by for a post and hope this busy life is treating you as well as it is treating our little family – busy but with so much meaning. We spent the Fall balancing busy work schedules, a blossoming, chattering, bounding toddler, and 3 travel excursions that were essentially planned only a few weeks in advance, but in a good, good way.  We were asked to be godparents to the second handsome son of our dear friends, were treated to a “tropical” stop in sunny Florida for Thanksgiving with my parents and grandparents (4 generations under one roof!), and traveled across the miles to be with (healthy & vibrant!) parents & in-laws for a few days before Christmas. What a treat but boy am I tired and ready to snuggle up with some blankets, light some candles, and grab some festive snacks and hot cocoa to cheer in the New Year!

But before I go, here are some of my favorite links that I’ve been adoring! Wishing you and yours the very best the rest of 2013 has to offer and more of the same in 2014!

Loving this idea of keepers

This letter had me in stiches laughing and also thinking hard on the monumental task of mothering a daughter (also, be sure to read in a British accent)

The case for pursuing meaning, not happiness

This animal personality test was fun (and is built on Myers Briggs types).  I’m an octopus – how about you?

This little online Montessori shop opened this Fall and I have been having such fun browsing – especially loving the place setting outlined placemat, short to tall puzzle, and this learning-to-pour pitcher

This beautifully touching and poignant read about marriage – the building blocks that can be sturdy or built too high and fast they are wobbly, but always knowing that then can be rebuilt, and the beauty of going through the motions.

We’re hosting a New Year’s Day brunch for friends – this buttermilk waffle recipe looks incredible as does this sweet potato hash recipe

And one more heartfelt read that had me in tears, nodding ‘yes’ on a train ride home from work one evening

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