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in the kitchen this weekend

weekend dinners at our house means everyone’s in the kitchen. the trick to saving our sanity is keeping these little hands busy, even if it means extra chunky guacamole!

with mike in charge of assembling quesadillas with leftover rotisserie chicken, I usually head up the guacamole committee with my most committed workers 🙌🏼

i keep the recipe so simple these days. my recipe is a nod from the DALS cookbook:

1 avocado + juice of 1 lime + chopped onion (1/4 cu or to taste) + handful of chopped cilantro +  kosher salt (1/4 tsp or to taste) + cumin (1/4 tsp)

And ya know that thing they say about kids in the kitchen helping prep the food being more likely to actually consume it?  Not a chance! Well generally, in our house at least! 😋

Happy weekending and Cinco De Mayo celebrating!


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A Summer State of Mind: Mango Black Bean Salsa


Note: So I actually wrote this post at the end of September & considering Halloween is less than 10 days away now — that fact may help put the first sentence into context! I’m still trying to find a rhythm with blogging and hope to get there soon.

It is officially Fall, there is a chill in the morning Chicago air, Halloween costumes are on sale, and the aisles are lined with candy and caramel apples. In our house, we are heaving one last summery gasp as we hold tight to a summer that seems to have passed in a blink.  Our first few weeks of summer were spent in anticipation for our sweet second baby to join us, long days spent at the park to pass time, holding hands, clamy & tight. Then he arrived!! And the next few weeks were spent inside mostly, getting to know our new dude. And as anyone experiencing a brand new life knows, thieves of time in all their adorableness, you blink and a season has passed.  Longing to have more days filled with hot sun, root beer floats, a ballgame hot dog, and smores, we continue right on making the flavors that keep us steady and unmoving in the season of our minds.  Some flavors we really soaked up this summer included fresh cilantro, mangos, and limes.  And this recipe has just the combination that takes our palette to a summer state of mind. 


Inspiration for this recipe came from here. It’s easy to make a few days ahead to let the flavors marry or day-of (just as tasty) and load it on top of grilled chicken and a bed of rice.  This salsa can be fairly quick to whip together with all the ingredients easy to keep handy in the pantry. The only limiting factor I tend to have is the cilantro (time to grow my own?). Otherwise, that is the thing I always have to run to the market for.



And while I certainly could use a little work on “respecting the seasons” as Mario Batalli would say, for now, I’ll take this last gasp of summer & savor it all for the moment.

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